Barlaston First School

Weekly Newsletter

15 September 2023

Let your light shine through family, friendship and faith

Family Worship

Family Worships will take place every Friday at 2.50pm unless we advise you otherwise.  It is a lovely way to finish each week.  The worships generally last for between 20 and 30 minutes.  For the first few weeks of term it will be Years 1 to 4 while our youngest children settle in to school routines, but it won’t be long before they’re ready to join us on a Friday afternoon.

Start and end of the day

A reminder that school starts at 8.55am.  The gates in the morning will be open at 8.45am and locked again at 8.55am.  If you are later than this time, please take your child into school via reception.

Holidays in Term Time

Following my newsletter of 24th July which we also sent out via email last week, all term time holidays will be recorded as an unauthorised absence and the local authority will issue fines.  I understand completely that family holidays are important and can be educational and enriching experiences for children, but they do not constitute exceptional circumstances in respect of the guidelines we have to follow.  I would re-iterate that school gain no financial benefit from fines issued.  Our interest is purely attendance.

Children with Siblings at other schools

Some parents have commented to staff that it is quite a challenge to pick up at our established time where their child has a sibling at another school in Stone. We understand this, but the last 20 minutes of our day is increasingly important in our delivery of the curriculum, so we are unable to allow early pick-ups. We have decided however, that for those in this situation, we will provide free after school care for 15 minutes after we close the gates at the end of our pick up window.  You will not be charged anything therefore until 3.55pm.  After this time the usual after-school price applies. 


The following Teacher-Led Clubs will run from Monday up to Friday 27th October, with exception of the week beginning 16th October when there will be no after-school clubs, because that is Parents Evening week.



Word Wizzards 

Mr Peel, Miss Gill, Mr Mellor

Years 1-4


Eco Agents

Mr Peel, Mrs Edge

Years 1-4



Mrs Broome, Miss Hulme

Years 1-4


Get Active Club

Mr Mellor, Miss Gill

Years 1 and 2


Creative Club

Mrs Broome, Mrs Edge, Miss Hulme

Years 3 and 4


All after school clubs will now finish at 4.45pm.  Pick up from every club, regardless of where it takes place, will be at the main reception. 

Booking for all clubs will open tonight at 7pm


Mr J Gordon