The School Day


Start of the School Day

Pupils enter their classroom through their classroom doors between 8.45-8.55am, where their class teacher is there, ready to greet them.

The school security gate is locked at 8.55am. Any children arriving at school after this time, need to sign in at the school office, and enter the school through the main door.



This takes place in the school hall every day. We have whole school worships on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Key stage worships on held on Thursdays and we have a celebration worship on a Friday afternoon. We are hoping that parents will be able to join us for family worship again soon.


Morning Break

Reception (Hedgehogs)

In the first term, the Hedgehogs do not have a set break time, and when they do, they will use their outdoor playground. Usually, at some point during the spring term, the Hedgehog class will join year 1 and 2 on the bigger playground for morning and afternoon play. This happens when we feel the cohort of children are ready, and consequently, could be at any point in the spring term.

Years 1 to 4 (Squirrels, Badgers, Deer and Owls)  

Morning break is from 10.30 -10.45am. Toast is available for the children to buy during this time. Healthy snacks can be brought in from home for the children to eat at this time also.


Dinner Time

Reception (Hedgehogs)

Hedgehogs enter the hall at 11.45am for lunch, this enables them to collect their lunch from the kitchen whilst the hall is quiet. Having eaten their lunch, their dinner time play takes place on their playground. Lunch time ends at 1pm

Years 1 and 2 (Squirrels and Badgers)  

Squirrels and Badgers go into lunch from 12.00pm. Having eaten their lunch they play on the main playground. Lunchtimes end at 1.10pm and the children return to their classroom.

Years 3 and 4 (Deer and Owls)

Deer and Owls go out to play at 12.10pm, and are then called in when there is room in the dining hall. Having eaten their lunch, they play on the main playground. Lunchtimes end at 1.10pm, when the children return to their classrooms.


Afternoon Break

Afternoon break is from 2.15 - 2.30pm for squirrels and badgers. (Hedgehogs from the spring term onwards.)

Deer and Owls class do not have a scheduled afternoon break, but will take one if needed, when needed.


End of the School Day

The Hedgehog class are collected from their playground gate at 3.20pm

The rest of the school are collected from their classroom door at 3.30pm