Our Curriculum  

From first joining our Early Years family in Nursery, specific observation checkpoints, set out in the Development Matters document, are completed by the teacher to ensure every child is supported in the best way possible to maximise pupils progress, with the aim of every child achieving their Early Learning Goals by the end of Reception Class. These can be found on the link below. 

Furthermore, our EYFS curriculum is something that has been carefully crafted to ensure it is highly engaging, accessible and inclusive for all of our children. Please click the image below for the Early Years Progression map.  


Within our progression map it outlines our intent, implement and impact statements alongside other key information about our progression of knowledge and skills that are taught throughout the children’s time in EY.   

To see our EYFS policy, and all other school policies please click here

Links to documents we have used to help create our curriculum can be found below: