If you would like your child to be part of our Early Years family and start in Little Dormouse nursery, applications for this are done directly to school/ nursery. Please call 01782 372543 or email apeel@barlaston.staffs.sch.uk 

Children can start with funding the term after their 3rd birthday (non funded places are available too).  Please see below the table for when your child can start at our nursery with a funded place.  

Children born between 

Funded place starts from 

1st January – 31st March  

Summer Term (from 1st April) 

1st April – 31st August 

Autumn term (from 1st September) 

1st September – 31st December 

Spring term ( from 1st January) 


With this in mind, we have three formal intakes per year for our nursery class: 

  • September intake (Autumn term) 

  • January intake (Spring term) 

  • April intake (Summer term) 

If you wish for child to start at a time different to these intakes, please call the school or email address on the details above and we would be happy to arrange this for you.  

Below are the options available to parents regarding hours, regardless of the option all children when starting in our nursery, 15 or 30 hours receive access to place covering 30 hours, this is in case you wish for your child to stay additional afternoons, our events are planned where which last all day, for example trips, enrichment days etc. 


15 hours funding 

Every child aged 3-4 has access to 15 hours universal funding. In little Dormouse Nursery these hours are allocated Monday – Friday 9:00am-12:00am.  

Parents/carers have the option for your child to stay for up to 5 additional afternoons. However, this will need to be paid for privately.  


30 hours funding  

If you receive 30 hours (15 universal hours+ 15 extended hours) these hours are allocated Monday-Friday 9:00am-3:00pm. 

*Parents are encouraged to regularly check their entitlement as this may change throughout the year. 


Non funded hours 

Both the options above are available for parents who wish for their child to start the term of their 3rd birthday.  

However, this would have to be paid for privately until funding can be accessed.   

Lunch/ snack   


Reception Admissions 

Reception class places need to be applied for through the gov.uk website. Please click on the link below for more information. You will need to apply for a reception class place even if your child attends our nursery. 


More information will be sent out to parents when applications can be made.