Barlaston First School
Weekly Newsletter
27th January 2023

Let your light shine through family, friendship and faith

Industrial Action

You will have seen reports on the news about prospective industrial action, following the National Education Union voting to take strike action this term. The following dates apply to our area: 
Wednesday 1st February, Wednesday 1st March, Wednesday 15th March and Thursday 16th March. 
We will endeavour to minimize disruption on these days whilst respecting the right of colleagues to support the industrial action.  

Car Park

A polite reminder not to drive into the car park when dropping off or picking up, even at breakfast club and after school club please, as it’s such a narrow space and safety is obviously paramount.

Items from Home

We’ve had several occasions recently when children have brought items, particularly cards of various types, into school.  This causes issues when we start swapping or losing them so they are safest kept at home.

Early Reading Information Evening

There will be significant changes to our approach to teaching early reading after the half term break.  This will impact our current Dormice, Hedgehog and Squirrel children and we will hold an information evening at school for those year groups on Thursday 9th February at 6pm.
Mr J Gordon
9th February    Early Reading Information Evening (Nursery, Reception, Year 1)
14th & 15th February    Parent’s Evenings
16th February    School Closes
17th February    Staff Training Day. School closed to children.
27th February    School Opens
23rd June    Staff Training Day. School closed to children.
In the event of heavy snow overnight and the closing of the school for the day
•    You will receive a text message from school. This will be as soon as the decision has been made and as early as we can before the start of the school day. This will inform you that we are closed.
•    This information MIGHT be on the local radio stations, but we can never be sure.
•    The closure will be published on the school website and on Staffordshire County Council website under Emergency School Closure Procedures.
•    Should you not hear via a text or see the closure on the website, please bring your child to school as normal 
In the event of continuous heavy snow and the closing of the school for more than one day
•    See the initial procedure above. Should we still be closed the following day, you will receive a text informing you of this. This will be sent once the decision has been made.
•    It will also be on the Staffordshire County Council website and school website.