22 October 2021

Barlaston First School

Weekly Newsletter

22nd Oct 2021

Let your light shine through family, friendship and faith

PTA Launch-Please Come Along!

We are re launching our PTA on Wednesday 3rd November at 6.00pm

What is a PTA?

PTA stands for parents and teachers association, and basically consists of parents and teachers working and planning together, raising money for the children in the school.

Who Can Join?

Any parents in the school can be part of the PTA.

What Does a PTA Do?

A PTA plans and runs events in school, but out of school time, that can be attended by families and the wider community, to raise money. These events could be, a quiz night, bingo night, children’s discos, summer fayres etc

How Often do PTA Meetings Happen?

They usually take place once every term or half term, depending on the need. Sometimes they are held just before the end of school, in the school hall. Others are held in the evening usually in the Duke or the Plume of Feathers. By varying the times, we are able to accommodate parents who are free in the day, or free in the evenings.

What is the Money Spent on?

The school budget is determined by the number of children we have in school. This money is used to run everything in the school, and there is never any spare at the end of our financial year, in fact, the opposite!

This means that extra things we wish to purchase for the children, eg, new playground equipment, new adventure trail, playground marking etc, cannot be purchased because we have no spare money. This is where PTA comes in!

The children desperately need a new adventure trail, but they are very expensive. PTA funds could be used to purchase this, and all children will benefit.

Funds can also be used to: subsidise visits out of schools, or visitors coming in, outdoor equipment for our new forest school venture, ICT equipment if needed, a whole school day out, to name but a few ideas!

So if you are interested in helping to organise fundraising events, have some good ideas to raise money, please come along and be part of this group, make new friends and raise money for your child’s school at the same time.

We look forward to seeing you!

Parents Evening for Squirrel Parents

This has now been rescheduled for the first Thursday back after half term (4th Nov).

The evening will be from 4.00pm-6.30pm, with your allocated time slot still being applicable. If you are booked in for an appointment, but cannot make this day, please have a chat with your child’s teacher, and rearrange a mutually convenient time.

Best wishes

Mrs Clarey and Team

Mon 1st Nov


School reopens


Thurs 11th Nov


Remembrance Day


Fri 12th Nov


Children in Need


Tues 7th Dec


1.30pm Squirrel and Badger Christmas play


Tues 7th Dec


4.00pm Dormice and Hedgehog nativity


Wed 8th Dec


6.30pm Squirrel and Badger Christmas play


Fri 10th Dec


Whole school visit to New Vic Theatre to see Beauty and the Beast


Tues 14th Dec


Family Christmas craft afternoon


Wed 15th Dec


Christmas dinner and Christmas party


Fri 17th Dec


Christingle church service


Fri 17th Dec


School closes for Christmas