11 September 2020

Barlaston First School

Weekly Newsletter

11th September 2020

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Drop off, Pick-Ups and Social Distancing

Thank you for your understanding regarding the difficulties we face during this time of restrictions. It doesn’t help that the school is situated in a crescent!

Having observed the current situation for over a week, I am going to make a few tweaks to make movement even safer and smoother.

Broughton Crescent

If you are walking with your child towards school up the crescent, please can you walk on the path on the left hand side. When you leave the premises to walk back down the crescent, please can you walk back down on the left hand side, thus creating a one-way system along the road, with everyone heading in the same direction. Thank you.

Social Distancing Spots

Having paid a lot of money for the spots, they haven’t stuck correctly to the tarmac. This is being addressed today, so the spots will be in the correct place, and hopefully remain there. We have ordered some additional spots, so they will be positioned by years 1,2,3 and 4 classrooms.

Walking Along the Path by Hedgehog Playground

This is a narrow path and leads to 4 classrooms. Please stay to the left hand side of the path at all times, to minimalize the risk. Thank you.

Please use the Two Metre Rule

Please can I ask you to follow the social distancing guidelines at all times, walking to and from school, and whilst waiting for your child to go into class/ come out of class.


Please Be Careful Crossing the Main Road!

Thank you for your positive feedback regarding using the church car park. I have spoken to the manager of school patrols yesterday, who said they had carried out a survey and there was a definite need for parking at the church, and for there to be a crossing patrol person. However, the crossing person has only been allocated to us for this week. We will have a permanent person, but they don’t know when! I have contacted the local councillor, the school health and safety team and numerous other people to stress the need for this to addressed instantly, as it’s a real safety issue. The village hall car park is still out of use, and I am aware many parents park along the Longton Road and walk all the way around. If you are parking at the church, please be really careful when crossing the main road. I am sorry for this inconvenience.

Thank You!

Thank you for working with us to fine tune our procedures to ensure everyone remains as safe as possible. Please see the attached information that I am sending with this newsletter.

Mrs Clarey and Team.