APFS Christmas Cards update

18 October 2016

Dear Parents,

I have had several emails from APFS today. They are trying their best to get the website up and running again. Their latest email reads :

"Today we have been very busy replying to all your emails.  This has resulted in many of you being able to organise the artworks and collection dates for them without hampering parents’ opportunity to order when the shop is open.

The whole system has now been transferred to a much larger server by Germany and I was hoping to be able to report that it was now being tested ready for relaunch tonight.  However, in the placing it on a new server there have been conflicts on the software (I’m sorry I’m not more technical, some of you will have much greater knowledge than me).  We are hoping that this issue will be resolved tonight and our IT team will get straight on with testing.

The solution of reverting to email communication, whilst frustrating for some parents and organisers, has been very successful for the majority of you and I propose to continue with that tomorrow morning at least to further catch up and inform on an individual basis how you can ensure that parents are able to order what they want. Details on that were sent in the previous update.

I will send an update tomorrow morning when I hope I will have positive news for all of you.

Until then, thank you for the kindness you have shown in your replies to our emails, and I am desperately sorry for this situation.

With best wishes

Dan Dickey
CEO | Art Projects for Schools"

As our deadline is not until 4th November we will not be their first priority. However they have assured me that if necessary we can extend our deadline for orders.

In the meantime, we would suggest that you make a note of the individual order code on the reverse of your child's work. Then return your artwork to school by Thursday 20th October so that we can keep it safe ready to be returned to APFS for them to scan and print.

Many thanks for your patience.


Sarah Broome