Our Staff

Mrs Amanda Clarey 


Mrs Clarey has been the head teacher at the school since 2010. She has many responsibilities including; Safeguarding, Literacy, PHSE and Art Coordinator, Assessments, Performance Management, to name but a few!

What Mrs Clarey likes best about our school.......... “The wonderful children and the wonderful staff, along with the sense of excitement and buzz about the learning taking place in the school. Our children are happy and confident and this really shines through our school. I am privileged to be the head teacher here.”


Mrs Helen Jackson

Senior Teacher – Head of Early Years

Mrs Jackson has been at the school since 2008. She is Head of our Early Years Department which includes our nursery class and reception class. She has a wealth of experience in many year groups, and is our deputy safeguarding lead.  She is also responsible for science and PE.

What Mrs Jackson likes best about our school.......... “Barlaston School has a lovely warm atmosphere where children and staff are supportive, and happy to have a go at any challenges. I feel lucky to work in such a positive environment where the children thrive!”


Mr Adam Peel

Teacher – Early Years and Geography Specialist

Mr Peel joined our staff in 2019 and teaches in our reception class. His subject responsibility is geography.

What Mr Peel likes best about our school ……….. “ Amazing children, amazing staff, such a lovely place to work!”


Mrs Karen Knowles - Dance Specialist

Senior Teacher

Mrs Knowles joined the school in 2007 and works part time, teaching year one in Squirrels class. She is responsible for history and supporting with music.

What Mrs Knowles likes best about our school..........“I love working at Barlaston. We nurture and look out for each other. Children and adults alike are polite, interested and supportive of others. Our school is a vibrant and fun place to be. It is a privilege to work with such lovely children and colleagues, I couldn’t be more proud to be part of our school family.” 


Mr John Gordon

Senior Teacher - Maths Specialist

Mr Gordon joined our school in January 2013. He is our year two class teacher. He is also our SATs Co-ordinator and our Deputy Safeguarding Officer. Mr Gordon is also responsible for Maths, and our Eco Warrior Council.  

What Mr Gordon likes best about the school.......... "Working with all our wonderful children and the lovely family atmosphere we have at Barlaston."


Mrs Melissa Hewitt

Teacher- Maths Specialist

Mrs Hewitt joined the school in 2020 and now teaches our year one class.

What Mrs Hewitt likes best about the school….. “I love the wonderful atmosphere. The staff and children are amazing! I feel very lucky to work in such a fantastic, friendly place.”


Mr Andrew Mellor

Teacher – Music and Computing Specialist

Mr Mellor joined our staff in 2020 and teaches our year three children. He is responsible for music and computing

What Mr Mellor likes best about the school…… “Great family feel to the school where all are welcome.”


Mrs Sarah Broome

Senior Teacher – English and  MFL Specialist

Mrs Broome became a permanent member of staff in 2014. She currently teaches year four in our Owls class and holds the responsibility for English, MFL and E Safety.

What Mrs Broome likes best about our school..........“ I love the family atmosphere around school. We all look after each other.”


Mrs Emma Fox

Nursey Teaching Assistant

Mrs Fox joined the school in 2014. She is a teaching assistant in our nursery class and is trained to deliver Positive Play and Fischer Family Trust Reading and Writing Intervention.

What Mrs Fox likes best about our school........... “To be part of a fantastic team of staff who along with all the amazing children, make Barlaston the school it is today.”


Mrs Helen Kendrick

Nursey Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kendrick joined our school in 2019 and is a teaching assistant in our nursery class. She also runs our after school club

What Mrs Kendrick likes best about our school…………….” Lovely atmosphere, amazing children!”


Mrs Emma Haddrell

Early Years Teaching Assistant, SENCo and Speech and Language Specialist

Mrs Haddrell joined our school in 2020 and took on the role of SENCo in September. She also works throughout the school with children that need speech and language support.

What Mrs Haddrell likes best about our school……… “ I love working at Barlaston. The children and staff are so positive and friendly. I look forward, every day, to being part of this happy family.”


Miss Amy Leese

Early Years  Teaching Assistant

Miss Leese joined our school in 2015 and currently supports the learning in our reception class

What Miss Leese likes best about our school........... “The school has a warm and friendly environment; you really feel part of a family.”


Mr Darren Evans

Teaching Assistant

Mr Evans joined our school as a teaching assistant in 2017. He supports the learning in our year one class and also runs breakfast Club

What Mr Evans likes best about our school......... “Each individual member of staff works together with one goal- the good of the children.”


Mrs Yvonne Allsop

1:1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Allsop joined our school in 2018 and works in the year 1 class providing 1:1 support

What Mrs. Allsop likes best about our school….. “There is a friendly, relaxed, comfortable atmosphere that is created by staff and pupils.”


Mrs Lorna Southern

Key Stage One Teaching Assistant

Mrs Southern joined our staff in 2011 and supports the learning in our year two, Badgers class.  She is trained to deliver the Fischer Family Trust Reading and Writing Intervention and Positive Play.

What Mrs Southern likes best about our school.......... “The warm and caring atmosphere.”


Mrs Amy Wildsmith

1 :1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wildsmith joined our school as a lunchtime supervisor in 2017 and provides 1:1 support in our year 2 class

What Mrs Wildsmith likes best about our school........ “The school is a friendly, nurturing environment where children feel happy and secure.”


Mrs Alison Barlow

Key Stage Two Teaching Assistant

Mrs Barlow joined our school in …. And supports learning in our year 3 class.  She is trained to deliver the Fischer Family Trust Reading and Writing Intervention and Positive Play.

What Mrs Barlow likes best about our school………. “All the children and staff love to be here!”


Mr Charley Bentley

Key Stage Two Teaching Assistant and Football Coach

Mr Bentley joined our school in 2019 and supports learning in the year 4 class, he also runs our football club and after school club

What Mr Bentley likes about our school……… “Seeing all the children smiling every day!”


Miss Louisa Hall

1:1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Hall joined our school in 2016 and supports learning in year 4. She also runs the breakfast club.

What Miss Hall likes best about our school........ “Happy school, happy children and happy staff!”


 Miss Ceri Sproson

Office Manager

Miss Sproson joined the school in 2002. She is responsible for the running of the school office, along with Mrs Eardley.

What Miss Sproson likes best about our school......... “It is a happy and friendly place. Everyone has their role to play to make the school such a caring environment.”


Mrs Laura Eardley

Office Assistant

Mrs Eardley joined our school in 2018 and supports in the school office.

What Mrs Eardley likes best about our school.......... “The family community is wonderful at Barlaston, it is a lovely place to work.”


Mrs Maxine Soanes

Lunchtime Supervisor and Cleaner

Mrs Soanes joined our school as a lunchtime supervisor in 2016 and is trained in paediatric first aid.  She is also our school cleaner.

What Mrs Soanes likes best about our school........... “All the staff are friendly and easy to approach if you have a problem or any concerns.”


Miss Caitlin Soanes

Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Soanes joined our school as a lunchtime supervisor in 2018.

What Miss Soanes likes best about our school........ “It’s a caring, friendly school, not only the staff, but the children too!”


Mrs Amy Gill

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Gill joined our school as a lunch time supervisor in 2020

What Mrs Gill likes best about our school……  “I love seeing the children’s happy faces!”


Mrs Rachel Bloor


Mrs Bloor joined our school in 2015

What Mrs Bloor likes best about our school........... “The children! They are polite, happy and always cheerful!”


Mr Derek Gill

Kitchen Assistant and Caretaker

Mr Gill joined our school in 2016

What Mr Gill likes best about our school........ “All the children, they are amazing!”